Limit access to your property

Top Lock is a family locksmith business based in Barnsley. We use our expert knowledge and accreditation to provide security services for our clients and their properties.There is nothing more important for our peace of mind than the security of our home and property. We ensure that we offer all the security services you might need, whenever you need them.Top Lock Locksmith offers a reliable 24-hour call-out emergency locksmith service for when you are locked out or have a damaged lock. We can supply new locks and keys or simply assist you in gaining entry to your property.We take pride in offering excellent quality service and customer satisfaction. That is why all our work comes with a 12 month guarantee. We provide a24-hour emergency locksmith service to assist with making your home secure after storm damage or burglary. After making the property secure in the first instance, we can then advise you on the best options for improving the security of the property.

Light everything up

The solution is quite simple: contact Top Lock Locksmith to change the locks, and for your complete peace of mind, we can conduct a full security survey in order to analyse your needs and recommend the best solutions for your property.Whether you are moving to a new home or simply changing tenants, how can you be sure no one has duplicate keys to your property.Burglars fear being identified and if everywhere is bright and can easily be seen, they may also be spotted. Whereas, it is unlikely that your lights will be on at 3 AM, which means leaving them on all the time might not be the best idea; some burglars are not easily fooled. Instead, opt for bulbs that operate randomly or at specific times of the day.Another option includes fitting PIR-operated floodlighting. This type of light detects body heat around the exterior of your house, this means that if anyone starts lingering nearby they will be exposed to light immediately.

Home security system alarm

Alongside lights allowing homeowners to spot burglars, sound can also have the same effect – allowing you to hear if someone is near your home. Having a maintained and approved home security alarm may even qualify you for a discount on your home insurance something we could all find useful with increasing costs.A wireless intruder alarm is a security device that detects any unauthorised movements or activities within an area and goes on to send an alert to a monitoring centre or your phone.When it comes to any outdoor items which are on the more expensive side such as antique garden furniture or decor it is worth fixing them to the floor using durable top-lock. If this is not possible, try storing them away in a locked garage before leaving.

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